Visual Call Path
Migrating from ShortTel 14.2 or Earlier? Keeping ShoreTel 14.2 or Earlier?

Migrating from Shortel 14.2?

Visual Call Path presents ShoreTel Call Flow in simple to read color coded diagrams.

Are you a Partner for Mitel or Other System Providers?

One of the MOST DIFFICULT efforts of any Telephony Migration is to capture and analyze CALL FLOW without reference to an image or model.

Documentation Services

Captures and Diagrams Unique Features of Your Call Flow

We Document your Call Flow from a Database Backup

Documentation best practices include first producing a complete set of On Hour drawings emanating from Trunks. Those diagrams will illustrate the overall call flow for the most common time mode.

However, 4 entities support different values for Off Hour, Holiday and Custom set ups. So for Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Workgroups and Route Points additional information must be provided to complete the call flow information about the system.


Complete system documentation requires multiple Trunk drawings which are best saved as multiple pages in a few vsd files.

Information contained in drawing objects are exposed in the diagrams:

DNIS/DID from Trunks
Messages in Auto-Attendants & Workgroup Steps
Agents from Workgroup Shapes

Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Workgroups and Route Points

A diagram of On Hours only does not present the possibilities of all the call flow coming from Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Workgroups and Route Points which can have a different routing for each call mode. However, since the Trunk diagram will show a complete call flow for On Hours, only the additional information regarding the shapes’ immediate children is required to completely document the system.

The easiest way to contrast all the values of different call modes is to place the unexpanded shapes of all call modes next to one another and read the children information from Shape data window:

On Hours
Off Hours
Documentation Services are $2500 for up to 50 Diagrams

Self Documentation

Lease Visual Call Path

Visual Call Path is powerful, but intuitive and very easy to use. Watch the videos and illustrations below to see how even entry level staff can produce Call Flow information not available elsewhere.

Visual Call Path comes with a set of stencils and shapes so you can create your own Call Flow diagrams of your to-be model for your new telephony provider. Also a great tool for testing. Use the diagram as a map to walk through use cases and model incoming call flow.

Lease Options
  • End Users can lease Visual Call Path for 2 months for $1500 per Database up to 500 Users.
  • Telephony Partners can have an annual Enterprise Lease based on usage.
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Analyze, Document, and Troubleshoot

Visual Call Path™ for ShoreTel

Visual Call Path™ provides an enterprise view of call flow as a connected network. It crawls the ShoreWare database to extract information which is diagrammed in Microsoft Visio. That provides a new understanding of where calls enter an enterprise network and how they reach their destinations.

View how Off-Hour, Holiday and Custom modes for Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Route Points and Workgroups impact the On-Hour Call Flow.

  • Document Call Flow
  • Diagnose Call Flow Issues
  • Support Business Discussions
  • Migrate to Connect, the Cloud or Mitel
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Workgroups Video
Menu Messages Video
Misdirected Calls Video

Visual Call Path™ Diagramming is as easy as 1..2..3

Unique Information only available from Visual Call Path:

  • View call flow as a connected network diagram.
  • Visualize an inbound caller’s experience.
  • Locate any recursive links between entities that prevent either from being deleted before the link between them is broken.
  • Identify the location of a Menu message files.
  • See how all calls get to a specific user or element of call flow (HG, RP, WG, AA).
  • Find all users connected to a BCA.
  • Identify all the Huntgroups or Workgroups a User is enrolled in as member/agent

Create Different Diagrams for Different Needs:

  • Diagram the entire site and save the files using Visual Call Path’s automatic naming convention when documenting the installation
  • Displays Call Flow information needed for Migration away from ShoreTel Prem Sites
  • Troubleshoot misdirected calls by visualizing all Call Paths to an End-User destination.
  • Listen to a Menu’s audio message, while reading the script and viewing the Call Flow.
  • See lists of the DNIS / DID routing of Calls.
  • Identify members of Workgroups.
  • Displays Route Point forwarding status and Hunt Group members and answering patterns.
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